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The Houston Venom Conference was created in 2013 to educate physicians, nurses, EMS professionals, and nature enthusiasts about the management of snakebites and other envenomations.

How it began

When Spencer Greene, MD, Director of the Houston Venom Conference, moved to Texas, he discovered that many interventions that had already been proven to be ineffective and dangerous were still being practiced in both the pre-hospital and inpatient settings. There were many cases of unnecessary surgery. Patients were receiving antibiotics inappropriately. Snakebite victims who warranted antivenom were not receiving it. Envenomation victims were being treated with venom extraction devices, tourniquets, pressure immobilization, and electrical shock therapy.

Since 2013, more than 800 attendees have learned how to appropriately manage a variety of bites and stings. They have shared their knowledge with their colleagues. Hospital and EMS protocols have been updated. However, much work remains. Many myths and misconceptions about bite and sting management persist.

The objective of the Houston Venom Conference is to ensure that all healthcare providers who deal with envenomation victims know the basics of management and how to obtain expert consultation when necessary. It is also our goal to equip potential envenomation victims with the knowledge they need to make smart decisions before they arrive at the hospital.